Green Tip #108: Quality Inexpensive Dog Toys

freya newfound land dog

Freya at our Cottage

As you know we have a large dog: a Newfoundland named Freya. Freya does not have many toys and we have not spent a lot of money on them.  Her most recent toy is a chuck-it. For those not familiar with this toy, its especially great if bending over is difficult if you say have a bad back or are pregnant and if you cant really throw that far. The chuck-it has a large plastic arm with a little scoop at the end that a ball fits into. This toy tends to sell for about $10-$15 at a pet store but someone told me they found them in the discount section of the grocery store. Sure enough I found one there for $2 and it works really well!  So while we do try and support our local pet store, some things are just better to buy somewhere else.

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