Green Tip #137: Digital Music

How many of us have boxes of CD’s we don’t use anymore? We have a lot and are still trying to figure out where to put them all. We do listen to music sometimes in the house and then they get used but for the most part we listen to music when we are on the road. I have an Mp3 player that I have either copied music off of CD’s to or I have converted music from Youtube to mp3’s. We are looking to convert all of our CDs to digital format and stored on our computer or online.

Have you switched to digital music or are you still listening to compact discs, audio tapes or even records?

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11 thoughts on “Green Tip #137: Digital Music

  1. About 10 years ago a web designer and blogger named Todd Dominey wrote a series of blog posts describing how he had converted his entire CD collection (about 3,000 CDs) to MP3 and he was able to sell most of the CDs used on Amazon.com, although it took him a couple of years. I would do this myself except 99% of my CDs aren’t sold on Amazon, they’re esoteric CDs of traditional music from Ireland and Brittany, and aren’t available through most major stores. I’ve been gradually converting my CD collection to MP3 (actually to AAC or Apple Lossless in cases where I want to preserve sound quality) and giving away the original CDs to friends.

    The only drag is that you lose the liner notes that come with the CD; you can of course scan them and iTunes provides a place for you to upload them so they’re “attached” to the correct music files, but it’s time-consuming so I don’t bother except in a few cases.

    I’ve sold books on Amazon.ca and it’s pretty easy; you can do the same with CDs and DVDs.

  2. I was in same boat. I converted all my CDs and listen to all through my iPod. As for the CDs they were taking up space. I could have gone through process of selling them but that seemed to be too much work and a hassle. I then discovered a site that I could trade all my CDs for Apple products. I got both a nano and a iPhone for trading all my CDs a couple of years ago. Would recommend this place, go to http://www.podmeisterusa.com/ for more details.

        1. I got a Sony player. Less cost than i-anything. Works great. It has been “on” for 24 hours and has only lost 1/3 of it’s power. 8gb. Speakers to play aloud. Hooks into our car. Great.

  3. Great post. Over the next couple of years, I plan to do this; convert everything I have on CD/CDs to digital files. No point in owning a few hundred CDs when everything can be converted onto a memory stick ;)

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