Green Tip #6: Cook in Bulk

chiliMy favourite season is fall but winter also lures me with the promise of hot and hearty stews and chili. To save on time and energy I make a big pot of stew, chili, soup, etc and then freeze some and have some as leftovers for lunch or dinner. For instance last night I made a gumbo, put some in the freezer and will have the rest for lunch this week. Sure beats having another sandwich or buying a lunch everyday. This way I don’t heat up the stove every night which saves on the electricity bill plus I have more time in the evenings for other things … like writing this post!

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16 thoughts on “Green Tip #6: Cook in Bulk

  1. This is something I need to get better at myself. We’re guilty of letting left-overs go to waste too often. Also, we have limited freezer space, so buying a chest freezer for the basement may be in order.

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  4. I’m a big fan of cook more, eat later approach!

    My husband turned vegetarian last November, I’m intolerant to grains/beans/lentils and my daughter is allergic to dairy and seems hypoglycemic like me as well. So, freezer and bulk-cooking have become my biggest friends!

    Packing lunch is much better with having cooked sausages (cut up in small bite sized pieces), kid sized meat balls, roasted chicken cut into cubes, etc..

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