The Beauty in Saving Your Skin and the Water Supply

I have sensitive skin and so a while ago I went to a dermatologist for some over the counter skin care cleanser and spot treatment cream. When the labels said the products might bleach clothes, not to mention some other unpleasant side effects,  I paused and thought “wait this might bleach my face towel and […]

Online Textbook Rental – eCampus.com

I can’t believe how expensive textbooks are.  American’s don’t realize that Canadians, on average, pay 20-30% more for everything, including textbooks, than they do.  This is a primary driver behind our desire to participate in cross border shopping. As a result, that $150 dollar book ends up costing around $200 north of the border!  Outrageous. Back […]

Cross Border Shopping

Double standards drive me nuts.  Double standards that cost us to spend more money than necessary flat out upset me.   Case and point, the savings that can be realized cross border shopping.  The price discrepancies between Canada and the United Sates for goods that are similar, if not precisely alike is an egregious double […]