Fashionable Pregnancy Clothes on a Budget

One of the exciting parts of being pregnant is that you get to go shopping! First there is shopping for fashionable pregnancy clothes and then there is shopping for the baby. However you can spend a lot of money on both types of shopping excursions and that is something Sustainable PF and I want to avoid as […]

How to Install a Low Flow Toilet

This weekend I completed the final house upgrade for our ecoEnergy Retrofit: do it yourself low flow toilet installation.  We had already paid someone to insulate our basement and interior walls.  But I like to try to do some things myself so after insulating our attic on my own I figured I should at least […]

Sustainable Wedding Planning Part 2: Venue

Sustainable Wedding Planning: Venue As soon as Sustainable PF and I got engaged I started searching for the perfect wedding location. I was working up north at the time, so all of my sustainable wedding planning research was online. After a couple of weeks of searching I had not found a venue that met our […]