Sustainabilty Tip #34: Lose the Television

I remember when television shows started coming out on DVD and it was so exciting! But kind of expensive to buy or rent them. Andtradition is the illusion of permanence then you realized, well that was fun to watch season 1 of my favourite television show from my teens but I don’t need to do it again and so I ended up having a DVD sitting in my bookcase. One option would be to sell it at a a garage sale or donate it to a local library. But with  these options I am losing money. Another option is to by-pass the DVD’s purchase altogether and instead enjoy shows online! That’s what I do now and I have never had a problem finding a show, no matter how long ago it aired! By watching movies this way no new DVDs are produced, our house is less cluttered and we save money by not buying or renting!

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7 thoughts on “Sustainabilty Tip #34: Lose the Television

  1. I am so far behind with my movie watching that TBS is like a movie theater for me…every weekend I forget that I wanted to see this movie or that.

    I need to loose the television…but less for money saving (although that’s great advice) and more for eliminating a serious waste of time!

  2. If usage-based internet billing becomes a reality (possible but less likely now that the government seems opposed to it), watching TV online could become an expensive proposition. I can’t imagine it’ll happen, though…I think the current approach of setting caps on bandwidth is workable for most of us, depending on how much TV we watch and how many movies we download.

    We ditched our TV three or four years ago although we still have cable; we watch it on my laptop using a gizmo that attaches from the cable to the computer and allows us to watch TV on the computer and record shows if we want to watch them again later. Still, for the amount of time we watch TV (about 10 hours/year), even our basic cable subscription is ridiculously expensive. I’ve come close to cancelling our cable several times but it’s easier to consider doing that in summer than when we’re faced with the long cold winter nights when it’s kind of nice to watch a show. I’ve downloaded a few TV shows and movies, but we just don’t have time to watch much.

    1. Mrs. SPF watches most of her shows on her PC. If you use a company like Teksavvy, even with UBB, for about $42 per month you can have 105 GB of bandwidth. Unless you stream a TON of TV or music I can’t see using it all. Some people might, but I read it is 14% of users using 90% of the bandwidth. It sounds like you should be cancelling your cable Brad.

  3. We ditched the TV at Christmas and really don’t miss it. Sometimes we watch shows online, but even that’s rare. The best side effect? Our 3 1/2 year old is starting to read. In a house full of books, with no TV, I suppose it was inevitable.

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