Increasing Consumption Threatens The World with Ecological Debt

A study by the new economics foundation (nef) reveals that we are depleting the good old earth way too fast in an unsustainable manner in the name of economics versus ecological debt. Do you know that we are consuming more than what this planet can ever replenish? Ironically,even the recent economic depression could not reduce our consumption of the world’s resources. We indeed owe an “ecological debt” which we possibly cannot repay to mother earth. While the political leaders are focus on revamping the global  economy, they are overlooking (ignoring) the fact that the soaring consumption rate can threaten the very…

Green Tip #59: Utilize Cold Storage

Some fruits and vegetables don't need to be refrigerated.   Apples and a lot of root vegetables can be stored in a cold storage area instead of taking up precious room in your fridge.  For example, garlic, onions, potatoes, carrots and apples will last a good long time if they are stored in a cool dark area.  In our old house we had a cold room and in our new (old) house there is no heat source in the kitchen so the cupboards stay good and cool.

Green Tip #58: Don’t Buy New Dishes Yourself

It has been years since Sustainable PF and I bought any new dishes for our kitchen cupboards. The last additions were gifts from his grandfather-very nice ones. And before that, mugs I got at a garage sale. So if you are in need of some new dishes, maybe too many landed on the floor or have become chipped and unusable over the years, consider getting them second hand or putting them on your next birthday/Christmas list. It won't cost you a thing and your kitchen will be restocked with beautiful, usable dishes. Check out our 365 Green Tips Series! photo…

Green Tip #57: Run a Dishwasher

I  used to think that dishwashers were machines that used a lot of water and were bought by lazy people. That is until I owned one. First of all I realized how much easier it makes cleaning up after a meal. But I was also very pleased to learn that they actually use less water than if you were to wash all those dishes in the sink. So maybe this means that I am a lazy person but it also means that I am being green!!! Check out our 365 Green Tips Series! photo credit: Editor BI

Green Tip #56: Unplug Unused Appliances

In our house we have a Lazy Susan full of small appliances like a blender, waffle iron, toaster, slow cooker, etc. We take these out when needed. Most of these only use power when turned on but other appliances like our coffee maker and microwave use power to light up their screens-power that we really don't need to be using at any other time. It's called phantom power and it costs you hourly, daily, monthly and yearly.  So a short while ago SPF suggested we unplug them when not in use. That is what we have been doing ever since…

Green Tip #55: Keep a Cold One In The Fridge

And no I don't mean beer! (SPF does!) Ever notice how it takes so long to get the water running really cold from the tap? Well it does at our house and in the meantime we waste water. I like my water ice cold so we keep water in a container in the fridge and refill it when its empty. This way ice cold water is available anytime. Check out our 365 Green Tips Series! photo credit: 96dpi