Increasing Consumption Threatens The World with Ecological Debt

A study by the new economics foundation (nef) reveals that we are depleting the good old earth way too fast in an unsustainable manner in the name of economics versus ecological debt. Do you know that we are consuming more than what this planet can ever replenish? Ironically,even the recent economic depression could not reduce our consumption of the world’s resources. We indeed owe an “ecological debt” which we possibly cannot repay to mother earth. While the political leaders are focus on revamping the global  economy, they are overlooking (ignoring) the fact that the soaring consumption rate can threaten the very existence of human kind.

The national leaders are asking people to start their businesses with new enthusiasm. However, they are undermining the importance of life support systems. We can overcome a recessive economy but no fiscal policy can repair a ruined ecosystem.

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Green Tip #59: Utilize Cold Storage

root vegetable cold storageSome fruits and vegetables don’t need to be refrigerated.   Apples and a lot of root vegetables can be stored in a cold storage area instead of taking up precious room in your fridge.  For example, garlic, onions, potatoes, carrots and apples will last a good long time if they are stored in a cool dark area.  In our old house we had a cold room and in our new (old) house there is no heat source in the kitchen so the cupboards stay good and cool.