A Brief Guide to the Child Disability Tax Credit

  For parents of a child with a disability in Canada there is a welcome form of financial support in the Child Disability Tax Credit. Parents of a child with a disability can receive up to $224.58 per month as assistance from the government. The benefit is meant for parents who have a child with […]

Preparing to File Your Taxes in Canada

It’s tax time! Hopefully, you’re getting ready to file your taxes, awaiting your tax package from the Canadian Revenue Agency and organizing your supporting documentation. You should receive your tax package, based on the province or territory in which you resided on December 31, sometime in January. Each CRA tax package should contain the following: […]

Giving to Charity – Sustainability for the Soul

As the financial year comes to an end and the holiday seasons approaches, Mrs. SPF and I have been reflecting on our personal finances which are now very much under control and quite sustainable.  As we plan for 2011 we recognized that our finances are strong but that we felt something was missing.  We felt […]